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Walk for WOD: Let’s talk about obesity and fatty liver

Walk for WOD: Let’s talk about obesity and fatty liver

Centro de Investigación y Gastroenterología put together the walk/race under the motto “Let’s talk about Obesity and Fatty Liver” on March 3rd this year.

Location: Reserva Ecológica Canal Nacional, Coyoacán, 04260, Mexico City, CDMX.

The objective for the Project was to spread awareness about obesity and promote physical activity.

The day started with an inaugural speech, pointing out the importance of education and proactive action to help with both obesity and fatty liver disease. “Today we don’t just walk or run together, but we also join forces to create consciousness about obesity, which is a disease that affects millions of people in our country. The fight against obesity is a daily battle for many, and events like this one bring everyone opportunities to educate ourselves, be inspired and work together to make a difference.”

The event’s incredible sponsors, who share our dedication in the fight against obesity, helped make it possible. AstraZeneca, Avant Santé, MSD, Essence all joined us to support Centro de Investigación y Gastroenterología.

The walk/race attracted people of all ages and physical conditions. The route planned allowed for the participants to enjoy a beautifulscenic view while they joined our cause.

The race was divided in 3 categories:
1.- Men under 60 years of age.
2.- Women under 60 years of age.
3.- Senior citizens.

During the walk/race there were educational stations, where health professionals would provide details about obesity, fatty liver disease and the risk factors that a person might have. This helped inform and promote the prevention of these diseases.

Exercise is not just a form of physical activity, which is essential for good health, but it also helps improve our mood. Be it walking regularly around the block, going for a run or even joining a walk or race such as this, taking the first step toward a healthier lifestyle is the most important part. If you don’t know how to start, don’t worry; your current physical condition being less than ideal, or if you have never stepped foot inside a gym, none of these things matter. What matters is starting now. We encourage you to check with your health provider, especially if you have been someone with low or no physical activity for a period of time or you are worried about health conditions that might affect you, and always start gradually.

The Walk/Race 4K “Let’s talk about Obesity and Fatty Liver!” concluded with an award ceremony (“Oliver” golden trophies and surprise gifts) celebrating the outstanding participants for each of the categories, and with special thanks to the sponsors and volunteers who made the event possible. There was a special award given to one of our participants: a woman of 79, with the identification number 72, for her grit, perseverance and constant support of the events Centro de Investigación y Gastroenterología has held.

Social Impact: The event has marked the community in a positive way, helping raise awareness about the impact obesity and fatty liver disease has and how important it is to treat both in an integral fashion through physical activity, education and solidarity.

Now with the inspiration we have gathered through it, let’s keep moving forward together and enjoying this walk/race of 4 Kilometers: “Let’s talk about Obesity and Fatty Liver!” Thank you everyone for being part of this invaluable cause. Let’s make a difference! Have a wonderful race!