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After completing my M.D. medicine I worked as senior resident in Endocrinology Department of one of the biggest government set up in New Delhi India, named Safdarjung hospital. There I had exposure to patients of diabetes and obesity. Once I entered into clinical practice I found that roots of most of the chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertention, heart disease, stroke, etc lies in obesity.

So gradually I found myself more and more involved in obesity management. At my clinic I never miss an opportunity to talk to my patients regarding the adverse effects of extra weight. During the Corona Pandemic I realized that the problem of obesity is getting worse as people are trapped in lockdowns with minimal outside activity. Hence for social awareness I created a Facebook page where I kept on sharing various facts about food, exercise, sleep, healthy lifestyle, etc. I was persistent for my work which continued till today. I have more than 11000 followers on Facebook page. I took part in various public awareness plateforms like Halt Diabetes to talk about weight,diabetes, lifestyle,food. I also took part in an international conference (World Conference of Spiritual Sciences) talking about obesity.

A milestone of my journey was my SCOPE CERTIFICATION which helped me, guided me in my fight against obesity. And this year specially I am very happy and excited to participate in various activities on World Obesity Day. This is my story which is and will on go against diabetes.